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Corn-Plastics PLA

  • PLA stands for Polylactic Acid, or Polylactide, a versatile polymer produced by NatureWorks LLC.
  • PLA is made from lactic acid. Lactic acid is made from dextrose by fermentation.
  • Dextrose is made from starch and starch is made from carbon dioxide and water.
  • The introduction of PLA is the world’s first and only performance plastic made from 100% annually renewable resources.

Why PLA?

  • PLA is made from renewable resources
  • Fewer fossil resources are required to produce PLA
  • PLA production emits less carbon dioxide because it uses renewable resources as a feedstock.
  • PLA fits into any waste management system with a benefit
  • PLA has performance equal to or better than comparable petroleum-based products in many aspects

(Source: NatureWorks LLC.

Sugarcane Fibre

  • Sugarcane fibre is made from sugarcane plant.
  • Sugarcane fibre is sourced and reclaimed from sugar factories, and remake into sugarcane pulps and final products.
  • It is microwavable, recyclable, and compostable.

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